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"Lisa was an amazing life coach and had a powerful impact on me. She asked such great questions that lead me to find my own solutions and expand possibilities and opportunities. Sessions with Lisa always left me energized, motivated and rejuvenated. Her guidance was gentle yet very purposeful. During our coaching sessions, Lisa provided resources with related information as well as books. She sent follow up emails between sessions that provided me with great accountability to support me. The guided reflections she led me through not only challenged my thinking but really empowered me. I highly recommend Lisa as a coach."
Sharon Goldman, Teacher, Fairfax County Public Schools, Burke VA

Welcome to Health Centered Coaching, LLC, a health promotion company that is dedicated to serving clients and organizations who are seeking to make and sustain a wellness lifestyle. It is our pleasure to be a coaching resource to you.

For years, athletes and corporate executives have used coaches to enhance performance. Now, moms, entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, business managers, students, and people just like you are hiring coaches to maximize their quality of life and reach new heights in overall health and well-being.

Lifestyle changes are much easier when partnering with a skilled ally. People are likely to accomplish more and struggle less when working collaboratively with a trained and experienced professional coach.

Health Centered Coaching, LLC, under the leadership of premiere wellness coach Lisa Eidelkind, offers that very type of support, serving as your trusted guide to reaching your health improvement goals.

Anyone who wants to achieve positive change towards a more healthful lifestyle can benefit from our services.

With 15+ years of combined experience in coaching, counseling, medical social work, and wellness in a wide variety of settings, Lisa is now bringing Health Centered Coaching to the forefront of the wellness coaching field.

You are invited to explore our site to learn more about Lisa and the comprehensive coaching services that we offer. Contact Lisa to schedule a complimentary session to discover how Health Centered Coaching can partner with you. or call 703-867-7221.

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Lisa Eidelkind, MSW, CLC, CWC

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